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Company mission

We strive to provide the highest quality investment products and services to our clients, helping them to achieve their long-term investment goals.

It is our opinion that OOO Raiffeisen Capital Asset Management Company is currently the leader in fiduciary management for the Russian market based on personnel qualification, transparency of investment process and risk management. Our guiding work principle is the building of long-term profitable relationships with clients and partners based on trust, openness and honesty.

OOO Raiffeisen Capital Asset Management Company strives to be the absolute leader in volume of assets under management, profitability and quality of investment products by offering its clients proven and practical investment solutions which most fully satisfy their interests.


  1. Raiffeisen — Equities

    This core equity strategy is focused on benefiting from growth in the Russian stock market and aims to outperform the MICEX index over a 2-3 year horizon.
    Mutual funds
  2. Raiffeisen — Bonds

    This strategy targets yields exceeding inflation and bank deposit rates. The portfolio includes federal and local government bonds along with corporate bonds.
    Mutual funds
  3. Raiffeisen — MICEX Blue chip index

    Passive fund tracking the Russian stock market (MICEX) index.
    Mutual funds
  4. Raiffeisen — Consumer sector

    The fund invests in equities of consumer sector companies.
    Mutual funds
  5. Raiffeisen — Commodities

    The fund invests in oil and gas as well as metals and mining companies.
    Mutual funds
  6. Raiffeisen — Industrial

    This strategy invests in companies involved in infrastructure and machinery.
    Mutual funds
  7. Raiffeisen — Electric utilities

    This fund invests in Russian electric utilities.
    Mutual funds
  8. Raiffeisen — Debt markets of developed countries

    This is a passive strategy oriented toward tracking the dynamics of Barclays U.S. 1-3 Year Credit Bond Index, which consist of the largest American and European investment grade companies.
    Mutual funds
  9. Raiffeisen — Gold

    The fund tracks the performance of gold and is designed to serve as a hedging vehicle during times of high volatility in the markets.
    Mutual funds
  10. Raiffeisen — USA

    The fund tracks the most popular USA stock market index, the S&P500, providing diversified exposure to the growth of the world’s largest economy.
    Mutual funds
  11. Raiffeisen — Active Management Fund

    The strategy is oriented toward obtaining maximum yield from equities of the largest global companies in different industries, including sectors that are not represented at the Russian stock market, such as high-tech, pharma, insurance and others.
    Mutual funds
  12. Raiffeisen — Information technology

    The strategy is aimed to benefit from the growth potential of the largest global high-tech corporations. 30-40% of the fund consists of ruble-denominated assets (several high-quality local players in telecommunications, Internet and IT sectors), while the other 60-70% is invested in foreign currency assets (US-based companies together with companies from China, India and Taiwan).
    Mutual funds
  13. Raiffeisen — Dividend equities

    The fund focuses on investing in shares of Russian companies with high dividend yields.
    Mutual funds
  14. Raiffeisen — Europe

    The fund tracks performance of iShares MSCI EMU ETF, providing equity exposure to the largest European companies.
    Mutual funds
  15. Raiffeisen — Emerging markets

    The fund invests in emerging market equities with large capitalization providing the opportunity to participate in the growth of rapidly developing economies.
    Mutual funds
  16. Raiffeisen — Treasury

    This is a pure money market strategy targeting return at the level of 1-year ruble term deposits of largest Russian banks and inflation level.
    Mutual funds
  17. Raiffeisen — Precious metals

    This fund invests in metal accounts (gold, silver, platinum, palladium) and is oriented toward generating long-term returns exceeding inflation and average deposit rates in USD. It is an effective hedging strategy during periods of high volatility in all markets, including currency markets and the Russian ruble in particular.
    Mutual funds