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Investment Philosophy

Our Investment philosophy is based on three main principles:

  • Value creation through active management and focus on stock selection
  • Use of a fundamental value approach
  • Our goal is to consistently outperform benchmarks.

Research and Analysis

One of our most important principles is a belief that comprehensive analytical capabilities are absolutely essential for finding truly outstanding market stories at reasonable valuations and achieving equally outstanding results. Accordingly, research — i.e. detailed qualitative and quantitative analysis — is the core of our fund management approach.

Two management approaches

Portfolio managers follow the top-down approach for bonds and the bottom-up approach for equities.

Top-down approach in the management of bonds

After performing a detailed analysis of the economic conditions and fiscal and monetary authorities’ actions, our management team decides which industries, maturity periods, currencies and issuers offer the most attractive valuations, all other factors being equal.

Bottom-up approach in equity management

In the case of investments in equities, individual stocks and companies are analyzed and at the same time opportunities and risks associated with the relevant sector are assessed.